Common Questions

Here are some common questions and answers, if you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Are other grid sizes available other than the standard grid sizes?

Yes there are mostly available upon your request. However, please contact us in the detailed quotation system to confirm that they are available to your specifications.

Do you accept other payment methods other than TT?

At the moment, no. We have plans to expand later on but right not we only accept Telegraphic Transfer. Once you have done your transfer, please contact your sales representative, so we can continue and process the order.

How long will delivery take?

This depends on the specification, difficulty, queue schedules, freighting companies as well as holiday schedules. However it is safe to say that by air usually it is much faster than sea shipments. We average around 7 – 30 days after confirming orders.

What is your minimum order?

This depends on the model that you are requiring. If we already have mold of the model you requires, the MOQ will reduce significantly. However, it really depends on models and requirements. Average MOQ is around 5 pieces for bigger items and at least 50 for small items.

What exactly happens after ordering?

We will then ask additional information about the tool, including drawings of the tools, material, machine type, condition, expected quality and quantity, then we will send a quotation for your approval. Once approved, then we will wait for your payment and then start manufacturing once we get your payment.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes you will, all invoices will be official from the company. If you have any other requests, please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative.