Diamond is commonly used with

  • Tungsten carbide, pre-sintered carbide.
  • Stone, gems, and semi-precious stones.
  • Glass, porcelain, quartz.
  • Oxide ceramic materialsใ
  • Ferrite, ceramic magnetic materials.
  • Tiles, asbestos, asphalt, concrete.


CBN is commonly used with

  • High alloy steels.
  • High speed steel.
  • Spring steels.
  • Hot and cold working steel.
  • Tempering steel.
  • Cast iron.

Normal standard depth of cut/Fi

Grit size

Depth of cut

80-1200.030 mm
140-2000.020 mm
230-2700.010 mm
325-6000.005 mm
800-10000.002 mm
1200 and above0.001 mm

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